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The Velilla Law Firm focuses exclusively on workers’ compensation cases. This singular focus and dedicated defense lead to better, more efficient results for clients in Sacramento and beyond.

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what you need to know about workers' comp

What You Need To Know About Workers’ Comp

Learn about different types of benefits, how to file a claim, what happens if your claim is denied and more.

common workplace injuries

Common Workplace Injuries

You may deserve benefits for back injuries, vision loss, job-related diseases and much more.

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

See how much it costs to hire a lawyer, whether you can use your own doctor and more.

Attorney Milena Velilla
A Spanish-Speaking Attorney On Your Side In Northern California

You Have A Strong Advocate On Your Side Now

Every client gets dedicated attention at the Velilla Law Firm, thanks to our founder, Milena Velilla. She is passionate about helping injured workers secure the compensation they deserve following a workplace injury.

Most workers are unaware of the extent of their rights or their financial options following an injury. Our firm is here to make sure that every injured worker in California maximizes their workers’ compensation benefits and receives the financial assistance that they deserve.

Consultations are free, so call today to discuss the details of your workplace injury: 916-891-1111. Milena Velilla is here to help. She will be your strong advocate from day one until the conclusion of your case.

A Spanish-Speaking Attorney On Your Side In Northern California

Why You Need A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance, and insurance companies are for-profit businesses. This means that they are incentivized to pay as little as possible. Many workers’ compensation recipients are lowballed by the insurance company and wind up with less financial support than they actually need to recover from their injury.

A workers’ compensation attorney can help to ensure that every victim of workplace injuries receives the financial compensation that they deserve and are entitled to. Milena Velilla is an attorney who will not back down, and she will keep your best interests at heart.

Why We Fight For Workers’ Rights

If you are injured on the job, you deserve compensation. Period. It is amazing how many employers are able to convince their employees that this is not the case. We are here to end that employer-to-employee gaslighting.

Recovery is stressful enough; there is no need to add financial strain on top of that. Bodily injuries are physically and mentally draining. We fight for workers’ rights so financial stress does not compound an already stressful situation.

Employers and insurance companies never have the best interests of people at heart. Corporations exist to make money and will do so at every opportunity. This means that injured employees sometimes become collateral damage. Let us make sure that does not happen.

Justice is worth fighting for. We believe that justice for an individual is justice for all. We fight for workers’ rights at every opportunity because a win for one employee is a win for every employee.

Strategy That Focuses On Getting You What You Deserve

Our firm’s goal is to help you secure as much financial compensation as possible. To this end, attorney Milena Velilla does absolutely everything above board. She will work with you to keep a meticulous record of your injuries, your pain and suffering, and how the injury has affected both your personal and professional life. She will then determine how much you deserve in financial compensation and negotiate with the insurance company until that figure is met.


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Rated By Super Lawyers Rising Stars Milena Velilla Best workers compensation attorneys in Citrus Heights 2022
California applicants' attorneys association Best workers compensation attorneys in Citrus Heights 2022
Rated By Super Lawyers Rising Stars Milena Velilla