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Common warehouse workers’ compensation claims

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Working in a warehouse means you have a physically demanding job. While your employer must provide a safe work environment, accidents still happen.

Warehouse environments are full of hazards, and understanding some of the most common hazards may help you avoid an accident, injury and workers’ compensation claim.

Improper or no safety training and education

All warehouse workers should undergo proper safety training and ongoing safety education. Unfortunately, some employers skip this to save money. This can lead to serious and even life-threatening accidents and injuries.

Overuse injuries

The physical demands and repetitive nature of warehouse work increase the risk of overuse injuries. It is necessary to ensure proper body mechanics. Only lift bulky or heavy items using equipment or team lifting. It is also necessary to stretch and rest frequently.

Moving machinery

Moving parts on equipment and machinery used in a warehouse creates a risk of crushing injuries or amputations. If you operate these machines, proper training is required. It is also necessary to ensure that the proper guards and protective elements are in place.

Obstacles on the floor

Obstacles that may cause an accident include spills, mats with corner curls, cords and more. Falling because of these obstacles may cause broken bones, spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injury. If something is placed on the floor, there should be markings to ensure everyone sees and avoids the hazard.

Your rights to workers’ compensation benefits

You need to seek medical care immediately if you are injured at work. Workers’ compensation benefits should cover the cost of this treatment. You may also be entitled to other benefits. Researching your legal rights and options is the best way to know what to do after an at-work accident.