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Is There Workers’ Compensation For Worsened Preexisting Conditions?

Some injuries have consequences that last for years or a lifetime, and remain in a weakened state for the duration as well. Despite your best efforts to protect your injury on the job, you may still receive an injury to your preexisting condition. When this happens, are you eligible for workers’ compensation again?

At Velilla Law Firm, we know how challenging it can be to navigate through the challenges of workers’ compensation, and we are here to offer our extensive skills and experience to benefit your needs.

Recovering From Worsened Preexisting Conditions

The idea that you cannot pursue workers’ compensation for a worsened preexisting condition is wrong. California workers’ compensation laws do allow employees to pursue workers’ compensation for these situations. However, it can be challenging to secure this money, as you will need to prove certain things, including:

  • The aggravation to your old injury happened while you were working
  • You needed medical attention or had to miss work because of the aggravation
  • Your job duties were responsible for aggravating your old injury

We know how difficult it may seem to be able to prove these things, but we can help you. We take the time to review the unique factors in every client’s case before developing a custom-tailored strategy to help them secure the ideal outcome in their claim.

Let Us Build Your Case

If your job aggravated your old injury, do not let your employer talk you out of filing a workers’ compensation claim. Instead, contact our Sacramento office to schedule your free initial consultation today. Call a lawyer you can trust at 916-891-1111 or email us here and begin building your case for the compensation you need.