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Milena Velilla

Are You Eligible For A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The most important question regarding the validity of your workers’ compensation case is whether your injury occurred at work. Generally speaking, any injury that occurred while on a work site or while performing job duties counts as a workplace injury. For example, if you slip and fall in the breakroom, even while you were on a break and were not actively performing job duties, you are likely covered by workers’ compensation.

At Velilla Law Firm, we know that most employers rely on employees not understanding this. Far too many injured workers are talked out of filing workers’ compensation cases every year. It is our mission to provide you with the guidance you need in your compensation claim.

How We Determine The Validity Of Your Case

Your first consultation with us is free and will be used to determine whether you have a viable case. We are likely to ask the following questions:

  • What is your injury?
  • How did you obtain your injury?
  • When/where did you obtain your injury?
  • Does your injury preclude you from working normally?
  • Has your injury affected other areas of your life?
  • Have you filed an injury report at work?
  • Did you seek medical treatment for your injury?
  • Have you had to miss work due to your injury?
  • Do you believe your injury has or will leave you disabled?

When Your Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied

If your claim was denied, or if you believe that you were offered less than you deserve from workers’ compensation, you can appeal the decision. Appealing is a difficult and legally detailed process, which is why it is in your best interests to hire professional legal counsel if you plan on appealing a denied claim. It is possible to reverse a denied application, and, oftentimes, a settlement that benefits the employee is agreed upon.

When Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Ignored

Tragically, it is not unusual for both employers and insurance companies to flat-out ignore workers’ compensation claims. The strategy here assumes that some employees will not find the follow-up or appeals process worth the hassle. A workers’ compensation attorney can lay on the pressure that assures that the appropriate payments are made and that a fair settlement is reached.

Trust In Our Experience

Are you ready to talk about your workplace injury? Contact the Velilla Law Firm today and remember that your first consultation is absolutely free. Fill out the contact form or call us today at 916-891-1111 and take the first step in your compensation claim.